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Collaborative Data Driven Problem Solving

We work collaboratively to understand your business problem, provide a data-driven solution, and determine how best to incorporate insights into your workflow.

Domain Expertise

Understanding business context is a critical component to a successful Advanced Analytics initiative.  We have strong expertise in the fields of Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence and Operations Research.  However, from an application perspective, we work in verticals for which we have deep domain expertise.  At Ellison Laboratories, we value focusing on depth over breadth.

Real-Time Integration

At Ellison Laboratories, we work collaboratively to deploy timely and actionable insights at the point in your workflow where Predictive Analytics can make the most impact.  We believe strongly in the value of delivering the right data at the right time to the right audience.


Combining Advanced Analytics and Deep Domain Expertise


Learn how Artificial Intelligence can be utilized to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery

Renewable Energy

Understand how Operations Research and Advanced Analytics can help foster cost competitive renewable energy production

Education Technology

Learn how Artificial Intelligence and Operations Research can help provide a more effective and personalized learning experience

Proven Process

3 L's of Analytics ™


We listen to your unique needs and ensure that we thoroughly understand both your business context and the problem we are trying to solve.   Next, we define clear objectives.


We explore the data, learn the story that it tells us, and iteratively and collaboratively develop and validate a workable solution that achieves the defined objectives.


We determine a means of integrating our solution into the right place in your workflow so that you can leverage insights in real-time for maximum impact.



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